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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Star Commander’s Gloves – Fragment Locations

12 October 2018, Friday, 18:40:03

Star Commander’s Gloves – Fragment Locations

-Dappled Quagmire (SW Region Map, SE of Instance Map)



-Dappled Quagmire (SW Region Map, Chest to N of Instance Map)



-Abandoned Keep (SW Region Map, Room with Nyrisa, Defaced Sister, Remus and that other idiot)



-Verdant Chambers (either climb onto battlements then use tree to get down, or succeed in the mobility check to jump across the gorge to the east of the entrance)



-Raspberry Gully (on a druid on the eastern side)



-Charred Ruins (body of the Skillfully-made iron golem)



-Gnawed Rocks (body of the Gargoyle Edritch Chieftan)



-Armag’s Tomb (room with ferocious devourer, bone pile)



-Ornate Ruins (body of the Golden Golem)



-Giggling Hill (Corpse in ne corner)



-Pitax Royal Palace (on Gaetane’s body, nw)



-Pitax Royal Palace (first room to the left after Gaetane room)



-Pitax Royal Palace (eastern corner, second room from the end of the hallway)



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