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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Taldan Paraphanalia – Fragment Locations

8 October 2018, Monday, 6:11:14

Taldan Paraphanalia – Fragment Locations

  • -Taldan WhipBridge over Gudrin River (Crag Linnorm cave, SAVE FIRST, BRING COLD IRON & FIRE RESIST, or invisibility)



  • -Taldan SnaffleHunting Grounds (on a cliff to the north)



  • -Taldan Horseshoeon a hill south of the goblin merchant



  • -Taldan SpurGoblin Fort (drops from the goblin shaman)



  • -Taldan StirrupLonely Barrow (found in the northeast room with the undead berserker)



Once you have all 5 fragments turn them in to the storyteller for 1,500xp, 10,000gp and a good story.



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