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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Taldan Paraphanalia & Ring of Reckless Courage – Artifact Locations & Bonuses

5 October 2018, Friday, 7:33:38

Taldan Paraphanalia & Ring of Reckless Courage

Ring of Reckless Courage

+4 charisma, +4 stealth, +4 trickery, +4 to critical confirmation rolls, +2 DC for mind-affecting spells, -2 wisdom, -4 perception, -2 will, -10 saving throws against traps. On receive critical hit become Confused for 1d4 rounds.



Fragment Description: Melted Shard of a Ring


Number of fragments: 12



Fragment locations:

  • Bridge over Gudrin River (northeast, near the goblin prince or pack of wolves depending on story progress)


  • Bridge over Gudrin River (near the zone entrance, to the northwest)


  • Wolf Lair (small box on the ridge)


  • Lonely Barrow (on a body in the first chamber, you can let the looters go if you want)


  • Hunting Grounds (on a Hydra in the water in the middle of the map)


  • Hunting Grounds (on the corpse of the primal fly trap, northeast corner of the map, slightly south of the Embeth Travelers)


  • Hunting Grounds (on a chest to the northeast, near the corpse of the primal fly trap, just a little south of the Embeth Travelers)


  • Goblin Fort (in a crate next to a prison cage, near the fort entrance)


  • Goblin Fort (on the body of a goblin commando, in the upper part of the goblin fort)


  • Shrine of Lamashtu (to the west of the crossroads)


  • Dragonleaf Gulch (in a pile of rubble next to the fly trap)


  • Womb of Lamashtu (on the body of a primal giant spider matriarch, west door before portal to first world)


Once you have all 12 fragments turn them in to the storyteller for the ring.




Taldan Paraphanalia

Fragment locations:

  • Taldan WhipBridge over Gudrin River (Crag Linnorm cave, SAVE FIRST, BRING COLD IRON & FIRE RESIST, DO NOT ATTEMPT AT LOW LEVELS)


  • Taldan SnaffleHunting Grounds (on a cliff to the north)


  • Taldan Horseshoeon a hill south of the goblin merchant


  • Taldan SpurGoblin Fort (drops from the goblin shaman)


  • Taldan StirrupLonely Barrow (found in the northeast room with the undead berserker)


Once you have all 5 fragments turn them in to the storyteller for 1,500xp, 10,000gp and a good story.


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