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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Useful Tips on Kingdom Building

9 October 2018, Tuesday, 13:40:54

Useful Tips on Kingdom Building

  • -Kingdom events run off timers, so you’re always operating under a certain amount of time pressure.



  • -Events come in two flavors- problems and opportunities. Problems take precedence because failing them reduces kingdom stats. Events will always auto-fail on the first of the next month if an advisor has not been assigned to them. Be careful assigning an advisor to an opportunity if they will not complete it before the end of the month- as a problem could pop up late in the month and you won’t be able to assign an advisor for it. Each event has a DC (difficulty class), and each advisor has a bonus for dealing with events based off a stat- which stat depends on the advisor role Advisors who are also party members can boost their bonus with equipment that improves the stat. So, you may have an event DC 14, and your advisor has +5 bonus, meaning at the end of the event a D20 is rolled, and if D20 result +5 < 14, the event will fail. There are also triumphs and catastrophies. If you beat or miss the roll by more than 7, the event will have a larger effect on your kingdom stats.



  • -Projects are static- they generally stick around unless you choose to do them. Be careful with projects as many of them are long term, preventing you from using that advisor for any events for an extended period of time. Some projects require your main character- they’ll have your character on the project- meaning you cannot go adventuring, assign advisors, or do anything else while working on that project.



  • -Kingdom stats- there are 6 primary stats, 4 secondary stats, and 1 tertiary stat. Primary stats have “ranks”. Each rank adds a +1 bonus to dealing with events. Getting a primary stat to 60 and rank 3 will allow you to assign an advisor to the associated secondary stat if there is one. Espionage requires Rank 4 relations. Ranking a stat up is a project requiring you and the advisor for 15 days.



  • -The economy stat affects the build points you get each week. You get a base 30 points per week, and ranking up economy raises the number you can get per week.



  • -Claiming regions – when you claim a region, you can build a town in it. Scroll the large map around, there are small gold signposts scattered around the map (located at the empty nodes). Click a signpost to establish a town. You can have one town per region. Each town has one or more artisans who will build things for you from time to time once you complete their quest and build their workshop in the town. Building near a river is good when available, as that allows you to build ports/marinas in the towns.



  • -Town growth is tied to claiming additional regions. Your first town will be able to grow once you claim two additional regions and build towns in each of them.



  • -Vendor inventories are updated each chapter. New items will ONLY show up when you get to a new chapter.



  • -You can do some kingdom management in any region you have claimed and built a town in by clicking the button in the bottom right corner from the map. Some events require you to visit the throne room, however.



  • -No character is available to fill the “Treasurer” position when you first get your kingdom, however one will become available early-ish in chapter 2.



  • -Later characters which can become advisors *may* have alignment restrictions – Update on this; some may be locked behind alignment-restricted dialog choices, but it does not appear that they require the main character to match an alignment. All NPC party members (except Nok-Nok) can be advisors, though not all advisors are potential party members.



  • -The blue kingdom resource nodes provide bonuses to your stats, but you have to visit each one after you have claimed the region it’s in.



  • -Buildings which take two slots to build cannot be rotated. Plan accordingly.



  • -Unrest reduces the bonuses for solving problems. The level of unrest is displayed on the left side of the banner across the top- left of the time wheel. As unrest increases, the bonuses applied to rolls for resolving events/projects decrease.



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