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Pathway – Tips & Tricks

11 March 2019, Monday, 16:20:22

Tips & Tricks

-Every member of your party can perform two actions in one turn. There are three types of actions; Attack, Move and Neutral. Attack and Move can only be done once a turn, neutral up to two.


-Use walls and large objects to your advantage as they break the line of sight.


-You can perform your actions during battle in any order!


-Keep an eye on your ammo and fuel count. If you run out of either resource you will be in trouble.


-A character begins with a unique set of skills. As they gain experience and level up they will be able to unlock new perks and skills.


-Medkits restore health and revive unconscious characters. Repairkits restore armor.


-Self your unused items at the trader by right-clicking them. The cash will come in handy later!


-Every weapon and armor type has a unique special ability that can make the difference between success and failure!


-Hovering over a location on the exploration map will reveal some basic information about that location.


-If you are at a location that can be revisited (such as a trader), simply click on it again to revisit.


-Knives have the highest damage potential in the game. You must however expose yourself by moving close!


-Rifles allow you to Burst Attack. A burst will spread across multiple tiles in a line and damage any units within.


-Some battle locations contain explosive barrels. Shoot them and they will explode causing damage to surrounding enemies.


-Heavy Armors allow your  character to Hunker Down. It temporarily reduces  all damage taken!


-Resting places, traders and recruiting events can be revisited.


-You can use medkits outside of battle by right-clicking them on  the team screen.


-Pistols have the special ability Double Shot. This performs a hip shot at two enemies in rapid succession!


-Sniper Rifles can be used to set an Ambush. An enemy moving or planning to attack within the ambush area will be attacked!


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