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Dire Shadow Locations

The following is a complete list of all the Dire Shadow that players can encounter in Persona 5 Strikers alongside their weaknesses and rewards:




Weak to: Wind, Psy, Nuke

It’s located in the Tree of Life – just before the Path of Yearning checkpoint.




Weak to: Wind, Curse, Elect.

This one is located within Shibuya’s Jail, near the center of the area.




Weak to: Elect., Bless, Curse

Players will need to head over to Osaka’s Jail to find it near Mt. Chashiro region.




Weak to: Psy, Nuke, Bless, Curse

This is found inside Sapporo’s Jail – near the Clock Tower area.




Weak to: Ice, Bless, Curse

Players need to head inside Abyss Jail in order to encounter Mithras. There should be a pole right next to this Dire Shadow.




Weak to: Fire, Elect., Wind

This one is located inside Okinawa’s Jail. Players need to find some containers toward the right side of the area to find it.



Raja Naga

Weak to: Fire, Bless, Ice

It’s found inside Sendai’s Jail, toward the right side of the Rain Shrine.




Weak to: Fire, Nuke, Ice

The last Dire Shadow can be found inside Kyoto’s Jail. Players need to head over to the main boss area in order to find it.


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