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PES 2021 – Can Carryover Players be traded?

Can Carryover Players be traded?

If you have 3 identical Carryover Players you can trade them for 1 Base Player.


As an example, if you have 1 “Base Player” and 2 “Featured Player ” copies of a specific player in PES 2020, these will all be converted into Carryover Players during the update, provided that this player is also available when you first log in to PES 2021, of course. You can then trade these 3 Carryover Players for a Base Player.


Beware, however, that you will not be able to trade using different types of a player.


For example, you cannot trade using 2 players of the “Carryover Player” type and 1 player of the “Base Player/Featured Player” type, as they would be considered different types of that player.


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