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PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Tips

5 October 2016, Wednesday, 14:03:07


Upgrade Your Stuff
When you earn views, they work as a virtual currency that you can then spend on upgrades for your room, which in turn leads to still more views. This is a cycle that you definitely want to have working in your favor. New items can improve the number of views per video, while others improve both views and subscribers and even your skills in a particular area. Skills are important because when you make new videos related to that skill in the future, they’ll perform better due to your existing boost.


Trendy Is Good
If you want to get a lot of views for your video, check the trending topics visible on the “Make a Video” page. If you put together a video that hits on those topics, you’ll likely receive more views and that could also mean new subscribers.


Eagles Come Bearing Gifts
Sometimes as you play, you may hear what sounds like a screeching eagle. Quickly access your room and you might spot an eagle making its way across the screen. Tap on the bird and it will award you with a gift, which typically means more views or subscribers. Then you may be able to watch a video to triple the bonus, which is well worth doing if the gift was substantial enough.


Don’t Ignore Daily Quests
You have new quests available each day, absolutely free, and those lead to views and subscribers. Once you’ve completed a day’s free quests, consider investing bucks so that you can access additional ones. If there are videos available, you can also watch those to access still more quests.

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