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Phantom Doctrine – Enemy Operations – Tips

15 August 2018, Wednesday, 11:25:08

Enemy Operations – Tips

• Have your Agents travel in groups of 2-3. Grouped Agents complete missions faster, while lone Agents are at risk of attack. Further, if there is an enemy operation occurring, you’ll have Agents already on site to deal with it.



• Send out Agents to investigate suspicious activity as soon as possible. Enemy Operations progresses at its own pace, so by the time you get there, you might not have time to interrupt the op or conduct a tactical recon.



• As your Agents reveal Perks, you find that some are better at certain jobs than others. Send Agents on their favored missions when possible.



• Suspicious Activity can appear on the other side of the world. Try to keep a few Agents in more remote locations so they’re nearby and ready to investigate these activities.



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