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Phantom Doctrine – Infiltration Tips

15 August 2018, Wednesday, 9:13:08

Infiltration Tips

• Don’t be afraid to stay in a safe spot for a few turns waiting for the perfect time to strike. There’s no time limit, so no need to rush.



• Keep an eye on your positioning to windows and doors; when opening a door or looking out windows, stand to the side of them to prevent being seen.



• Balance when to split up your team and when to stick together. Sending one Agent off to deal with a guard and another to turn off the cameras is a good strategy; sending them together so one can take out the guard and the other can immediately dispose of the body is also a good strategy.



• If you have multiple Agents with you, have one go to a high vantage point, window, or door to provide a better view of the map and help your other Agents navigate around potential dangers.



• Some doors are locked. Often, these locked doors block more straightforward or safer paths, so it’s always a good idea to keep a few lockpicks on hand in Infiltration missions. Remember to conserve your lockpicks if the alternative path is available—and also keep in mind that the locked door may lead to danger.



• Unless you are playing in Ironman Mode, feel free to reload to a previous turn if you’re caught, especially when you’re still getting the hang of the rules.



• Evacuations cannot be compromised in Infiltration mode. Feel free to call up your Evacuation when you complete your objective.



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