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Phantom Doctrine – Useful Tips & Tricks

15 August 2018, Wednesday, 9:08:33

Useful Tips

Right click on opponents directly or on their icon to see their passive abilities, status effects, and Perks; you can also do the same to your allies. This is a good way to avoid your enemies’ advantages (such as a Pain Stimulus ability) or take advantage of your own (such as the Empath ability).




• Enemies with high Awareness shrug off much of your damage, and like your Agents, recover Awareness after their turn. Focusing your Agents’ attacks on one enemy ensures you get past their Awareness and deal real damage before they recover their defenses. Full Auto shots are also a great way to strip an enemy of their Awareness.




Balancing Awareness is crucial to survival. Headshots can deal a huge amount of damage, but their high cost to Awareness leaves your Agents extremely vulnerable. If you’re in a tight spot, keeping your Agents’ Awareness high is vital.




• Don’t be afraid to use a turn to recover your Agent’s Awareness with Focus instead of attacking. Your Agent’s attack might not be worth becoming vulnerable to an oncoming attack.




Breach is a safe way to enter a room with potential or known enemies; not only will you take out the enemies in the room, you also retain your Action Points.




Reloading is done manually. Monitor your ammo and reload when it’s safe to do so. Reloading may require Action or Fire Points— sometimes all three points simultaneously, depending on the weapon.




• Use Overwatch when you’re defending a position or if you have a spare Action Point. This ensures that if an enemy moves within range that you can preemptively strike.




• Pay attention to your coverage and position. The farther you are from an opponent, the less damage they’ll deal, but the same goes for you. Moving to stand against walls provides a boost to armor, but you could be moving into an enemy’s line of sight.




• Only call an Evacuation when you are near the evac point. It takes a few turns for the evac to arrive, and then you only have a few more turns to reach it before the evac is Compromised. If you don’t reach it before the Evac Compromised timer reaches 0, you incur Danger. Evacuations cannot be compromised in Infiltration mode.




• If you have the range and Awareness, Takedowns are a great way to take out enemies quickly without using ammo. Remember: in Medium/Hard difficulty, the target will need to have equal or less HP than your Agent for Takedowns to work.




• Sticking together is good, but don’t position your Agents too close—your enemies could take the opportunity to use a grenade. Likewise, if enemies are grouped together, you can exploit that same opportunity.



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