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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Beast of Winter Console Commands

14 July 2018, Saturday, 15:30:33

Console Commands

Press the tilde (~) key to access the console, then be sure to input Iroll20s before moving on to any other command.



Iroll20s – enables the game’s cheat mode, which activates all of the following commands.

God – toggles God mode, making the entire party immune to damage.

AddExperience [X] – adds [X] amount of experience to each member of the party

AddExperienceToLevel [X] – gives each party member an amount of experience needed to reach level [X]

AttributeScore [X] [Y] – increases the attribute level for player [X] for [Y] attribute, i.e. “AttributeScore player Might” increases the player’s Might attribute.

Cosmic Bird – places the Cosmic Bird pet into the player’s inventory

Cosmic Cat – places the Cosmic Cat pet into the player’s inventory

Cosmic Dog – places the Cosmic Dog pet into the player’s inventory

CraftingDebug – grants the player a bounty of different crafting materials.

FindGameData [X] – finds relevant game data for a given item, i.e. “FindGameData Plate_Armor_Fine.”

FreeRecipesToggle – allows the player to craft any recipe without having to have the ingredients in the inventory.

GiveItem [X] – places the item [X] into the player’s inventory, i.e. “GiveItem Bow_Exceptional.”

GivePlayerMoney [X] – gives the player [X] amount of money.

HealParty – restores the health and stamina of all party members.

Invisible – makes the entire party invisible, allowing them to pass unnoticed by enemies.

NoFog – removes the fog of war from the game.

Rest – the party groups together and rests without consuming camping materials.

Skill [X] [Y] – increases the skill level for player [X] in [Y] field, i.e. “Skill player Stealth” to increase the player’s own Stealth skill.

ToggleSpellLimit – allows the player to cast any number of spells without a limit

UnlockAll – unlocks all of the locked chests in the area.

UnlockBestiary – places all enemy entries into the game’s bestiary.



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