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Pillars of Eternity – Definitive Edition Cheat Codes

23 November 2017, Thursday, 2:58:16


Cheat Codes

Hit the tilde (`) key (The Key above TAB) to bring up the the text box and type “iroll20s” to unlock the console commands.
*Note that doing so will disable achievements.



AddAbility playername nameofability – Adds abilities (Talents)
to a specific player

AddItem itemname stackcountamount – Adds items

AdvanceTimeByHour numberofhours – Fast forwards time

AddExperience amount – Gives Experience

GivePlayerMoney amount – Gives Money

RemovePlayerMoney amount – Removes Money

AttributeScore playername attributename amount – Sets base attribute score

Skill playername skillname amount – Sets base skill score

SetTime timewanted – Sets time (1 for 1am, 14 for 2 pm)



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