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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Armor

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 5:56:20


Armor is the protective clothing worn on a character’s body. This can range from simple rags to ornamental steel plates. The core benefit of wearing armor is the benefit to a player’s Damage Threshold, which reduces the harm of incoming attacks. As armor grows more cumbersome, an increase to Damage Threshold can come at the cost of penalized Recovery Time.

Like weapons, armor can be equipped by characters of any size or class. Similarly, there are practical reasons why one character might be better suited to a particular armor type than another.


Armor Types

Cloth: Simple clothing, light and unrestrictive.

Padded: The lightest proper armor, either an undercoat or independent suit.

Hide: Layers of animal hide, primitive and crudely fashioned.

Leather: Boiled, hard leather shaped into fitted pieces of armor.

Scale: Overlapping horn or metal (possibly even drake) scales sewn to a cloth or leather backing.

Breastplate: A solid breastplate with minimal backing, typically worn over ordinary clothing or light padding.

Mail: Interlocking riveted metal links, typically in the form of a hauberk.

Brigandine: A mid-length coat of small metal plates sandwiched between and riveted to cloth/canvas backing, typically worn with padded cloth sleeves.

Plate: The heaviest armor, plate consists of large (usually) steel plates over mail with a light padded jacket underneath.


Weapons, armor, and shields can be modified to increase their value and bonuses. Bonuses are also found on unique or enchanted weapons/armor acquired throughout the game.


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