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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Barbarian Abilities

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 7:13:00

Barbarian Abilities

Power Level – 0

Carnage – The barbarian’s attacks become so forceful as to impact others around the target enemy. For every successful melee attack, the barbarian makes reduced- damage attacks at all other enemies within a short distance of the target.



Power Level – 1

Barbaric Yell – Let out a frightful yell, causing enemies in the area of effect to be Shaken.

Frenzy – Sends the barbarian into a frenzied state, granting Strong and Fit Inspirations as well as an Action Speed bonus. While frenzied, the barbarian receives a Deflection penalty.

Weapon Focus – The barbarian has trained diligently to strike true with their favorite weapons. All proficient weapons gain bonus Accuracy.

Blooded – Causes the barbarian to lash out when in pain, granting a bonus to damage for as long as he or she is Bloodied or Near Death.



Power Level – 2

Barbaric Blow – The barbarian deals a massive blow, increasing the likeliness and damage of Critical Hits and applying Carnage in a larger area.

Fast Runner – The character becomes more fleet and nimble, increasing Stride and granting a defensive bonus against Disengagement Attacks.

Thick Skinned – Toughens the barbarian’s naturally thick skin, raising his or her Armor Rating and allowing a more dominant combat presence.

Accurate Carnage – The barbarian learns to line up his or her most savage blows, improving the Accuracy of secondary attacks from Carnage.

Wilder Hunter – Grants a damage bonus against all Wilder.



Power Level – 3

Wild Sprint – The barbarian becomes able to charge with reckless abandon, gaining the Nimble Inspiration as well as immunity to Engagement.

One Stands Alone – The barbarian makes a courageous stand against all attackers. Grants a melee damage bonus when the barbarian is near two or more enemies and the barbarian requires an additional threatening enemy to become Flanked.

Bloodlust – Imparts an unquenchable bloodlust to the barbarian, increasing his or her Action Speed for a short time once he or she has personally downed an enemy.

Bloody Slaughter – All attacks made against Near Death enemies convert some Hits to Crits and those Crits do additional damage.



Power Level – 4

Barbaric Roar (Barbaric Yell Upgrade) – Enemies in a line are now affected and the force can knock foes down.

Barbaric Shout (Barbaric Yell Upgrade) – Enemies all around the barbarian are now affected, afterwards the barbarian receives bonus Engagement.

Blood Frenzy (Frenzy Upgrade) – While active, critical hits bleed targets for Raw Damage over time.

SpiritFrenzy (FrenzyUpgrade)- While active, attacks can Stagger foes.

Savage Defiance – The barbarian channels his or her own irrepressible determination, granting the Robust Inspiration for a short time.

Unflinching – While Hurt or above the barbarian gains resistance against Body Afflictions.



Power Level – 5

Crushing Blow (Barbaric Blow Upgrade) – If the barbarian kills the target, their recovery is instantly refreshed.

Barbaric Smash (Barbaric Blow Upgrade) – If the hit kills the target, the Rage cost is refunded.

Leap – Drawing upon reserves of intense spiritual power, barbarians are able to leap high into the air and crash down upon their foes, Dazing them.

Interrupting Blows – The barbarian’s melee attacks gain the ability to interrupt on critical hits.



Power Level – 6

Lion’s Sprint (Wild Sprint Upgrade) – The next attack made during the sprint gains a large amount of Accuracy.

Ram’s Sprint (Wild Sprint Upgrade) – Shove nearby enemies back when activated.

Threatening Presence – The barbarian cannot be engaged by enemies that are of a lower level.

BruteForce-Thebarbarianhitssohard that ordinary means of defense can be easily overpowered. On attacks that normally target Deflection, the barbarian will instead attack fortitude if it is the lower defense.



Power Level – 7

Blood Storm (Blood Frenzy Upgrade) – While active, kills increase the frenzy duration.

Spirit Tornado (Spirit Frenzy Upgrade) – Ghostly spirits spin outwards when activated, causing Freeze damage and Terrify.

Savage Courage (Savage Defiance Upgrade) – Gain Concentration when activated.

Stalwart Defiance (Savage Defiance Upgrade) – Rage cost is reduced.

Blood Thirst – After killing an enemy, the barbarian’s recovery bar is immediately refreshed.



Power Level – 8

Heart of Fury – The barbarian swings viciously in a lightning-quick flurry, taking on all comers. Each equipped weapon attacks every nearby enemy, doing extra damage and inflicting Carnage if applicable.

Panther’s Leap (Leap Upgrade) – Thrash at all enemies near the impact site, dealing Slash Damage and Raw Damage over time.

Vengeful Defeat – When a barbarian is reduced the 0 health and has melee weapons equipped, he or she immediately makes instant Full Attacks at everyone in range, triggering carnage.



Power Level – 9

Driving Roar (Barbaric Roar Upgrade) – Enemies are also pushed and take Crush Damage.

Dazing Shout (Barbaric Shout Upgrade) – Enemies also take Crush Damage and are Dazed.

Hurl Weapon – The barbarian hurls a large weapon at their target, dealing significant damage and knocking the target Prone.

Blood Surge – Each time the barbarian kills an enemy,they have a chance to gain Rage.

Barbaric Retaliation – The barbarian lashes out at anyone who Critically Hits him or her in melee, making a Full Attack against them.


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