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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Burning Bridges Achievement Guide

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Burning Bridges Achievement

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Maximize negative relationship with a Companion.


In the Reputations menu, you can check the likes and dislikes of all the companions currently in your party. You can also check their attitude towards you (and each other). If you express opinions that a companion disapproves of, you will lose reputation with him. Roughly counting, you need about 8-10 such reputation-decreasing events to maximize a negative relationship (to get it to -2).


It is very easy to do with Pallegina. All you need to do is take her (and some character with high religion that will be able to identify the shrine) to any of the shrines located on Deadfire islands – for example, to Teo Ramunga shrine on Neketaka Island. Once there, identify the shrine and choose an option to pray and rest. Pallegina is anti-religious and will dislike that. Do it about eight times, and she will hate you enough for this achievement.


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