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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Cipher Guide

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 17:19:33


A recent discover in the Eastern Reach, ciphers were once called “brishalgwin” (“mind hunters”) by the Glanfathans. Ciphers have the ability to directly contact and manipulate another person’s soul and psyche, using allies’ or enemies’ essence as the focus for their magic. Though most ciphers are still found in the Eastern Reach, practitioners of the techniques have spread throughout the known world. They are gaining acceptance over time, but are generally distrusted, especially by the uneducated.

Roles: Crowd Control, Striker
Resource: Focus




Cipher Subclasses



• Max Focus is increased.

• Reaching Max Focus grants the “Ascended” effect temporarily, increasing Power Level and reducing Power Focus costs to 0.

• Soul Whip does not turn off while Ascended and provides more bonus damage during Ascended.



• While not Ascended, receive a penalty to cipher Power Level.

• While not Ascended, Soul Whip does much less damage, but will generate more Focus.

• When Ascended fades, Focus is reduced to 0.





• All Deception cipher spells have increased range.

• Deception cipher spells restore Focus when successfully cast on enemies that are vulnerable to Sneak Attack.



• Soul Whip provides less bonus damage and reduced Focus against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack.





• Gains “Soul Annihilation” ability: A soul enhanced melee strike that consumes the cipher’s remaining power pool and converts it into Raw damage on the target.

• Shred cipher spells cost less Focus.

• Downing an enemy with a Melee Weapon temporarily grants Concentration and raises Max Focus.



• Max Focus is reduced. (Combat starting amount as well)


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