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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Companions

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 10:21:40


Companions – Characters that have quests, backstories, dialogue, and reputation associated with them.




Aloth Corfiser

Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Summary: The young elf was raised with money, but not love. The trauma in his early years caused Aloth to become Awakened. Sharing his body with Iselmyr, Aloth joined the Leaden Key to find structure in his life. Travelling with the Watcher in Pillars of Eternity revealed that the Leaden Key and its leader, Thaos ix Arkannon, were not what they seemed. His faith in animancy and the Leaden Key shaken, Aloth finds himself in the Deadfire.



Edér Teylecg

Race: Meadow Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter, Rogue, or Swashbuckler
Summary: Returning from Pillars of Eternity, Edér is
a laid back farmer hailing from the Gilded Vale. His
love for animals and his dark humor are always present between puffs of his pipe. Edér’s faith is challenged when his god rises in the form of an enormous statue marching through the Deadfire.



Maia Rua

Race: Island Aumaua
Gender: Female
Class: Ranger
Summary: Sister of Pillars of Eternity’s Kana Rua, Maia is a trained marksman for the Royal Deadfire Company. Having captained ships for the company, Maia is no stranger to the waters of the Deadfire. With her loyal bird of prey Ishiza by her side Mia is a formidable foe in any combat.



Pallegina mes Rèi

Race: Avian Godlike
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Summary: Born of human parents, Pallegina has been touched by Hylea giving her avian features such as feathers and golden eyes. Resented by her father by ending her mother’s ability to bear any more children, she had a rough early childhood. She found acceptance in the Brotherhood of the Five Suns. Now, in the Deadfire, Pallegina continues to fight for the Vailian Republics against pirate kind.




Race: Wild Orlan
Gender: Male
Class: Cipher, Barbarian, or Witch
Summary: Born into slavery, Serafen was put on ships as
a powder monkey from an early age. He soon discovered his abilities as a cipher and lured his masters’ ships into the path of the Príncipi. Impressed by his abilities the pirates accepted him as one of their own.




Race: Marine Godlike
Gender: Male
Class: Chanter, Druid, or Theurge
Summary: A native Huana, Tekēhu holds himself in high regard. He is a studied water shaper and a member of the Watershaper’s Guild in Neketaka. Unlike most druids Tekēhu possesses the unique ability to transform into a shark.




Race: Meadow Human
Gender: Female
Class: Priest, Monk, Contemplative
Summary: As a devoted worshiper of Gaun (The Dawnstar’s name for Eothas), Xoti is interested in the rumors of his reincarnation. As a refugee from Readceras, she’s in the Deadfire to find a new life after the Saint’s War. Now, Xoti is on a self-imposed mission to assist souls by using her lantern to ferry them to The Beyond.


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