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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Culture Selection and Background

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 5:17:11

Culture Selection and Background

You’ll be asked to pick the culture from which your character hails, and a general background for your character. This selection will influence how the kith of Eora react to your character throughout the game. Additionally, the base Attributes and culture choices you make can lead to different Background options. All of the backgrounds in Pillars II were available in the first Pillars of Eternity, but the skills granted were adjusted to further customize your character.


Aristocrat: Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate

Artist: Mechanics, History, Insight

Clergy: Religion

Colonist: Survival, Athletics, Alchemy

Dissident: History, Intimidate, Stealth

Drifter: Insight, Bluff, Streetwise

Explorer: Survival, Diplomacy, History

Farmer (Eder Only): Survival

Gentry (Aloth Only): Diplomacy

Hunter: Survival, Mechanics, Alchemy

Laborer: Athletics

Mercenary: Streetwise, Athletics, Intimidate

Merchant: Streetwise, Bluff, Diplomacy

Mystic: Religion, Arcana, Metaphysics

Philosopher: Insight

Raider: Streetwise, Athletics, Stealth

Scholar: History, Arcana, Metaphysics

Scientist: Explosives, Metaphysics, Arcana

Slave: Survival, Athletics, Streetwise

Soldier (Pallegina Only): Athletics, Intimidate, Survival



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