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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Dispositions & Reputations

10 May 2018, Thursday, 14:32:44

Dispositions & Reputations

Disposition is how Pillars of Eternity II tracks a player’s reputation throughout their travels. The player’s actions within the game will often leave an impression on other characters – everyone from city politicians to Huana tribes. Many events or interactions that take place later in the game can be influenced positively, negatively, or simply differently as a result of the player’s disposition in a given context.



Faction Reputations

If the player positively or negatively interacts with a member of a faction (for example The Vailian Trading Company, Huana, etc.), they will be notified that they have gained or lost reputation in that faction’s view of them. The player’s standing with their impacted factions is recorded and updated on their character sheet.



Personality Reputations

The player’s overall behavior impacts how the world views them. There is no overt morality or judgment associated to these traits. In other words, a “good” character can get in as much trouble as a “bad” character depending on the type of person they engage with at any given time. Personalities are also not one- dimensional. A player known for their honesty might also develop a reputation of eerie stoicism.


Following each personality are a few examples of how the player might be judged:


Aggressive: Hot-headed, bold, or impatient.

Benevolent: Charitable, kind, soft, or weak.

Clever: Sarcastic, sassy, foppish, or irreverent.

Cruel: Merciless, sadistic, brutal, or imperious.

Deceptive: Dishonest, manipulative, or shrewd.

Diplomatic: Cautious, tame, or courteous.

Honest: Guileless, sincere, or straightforward.

Passionate: Zealous, romantic, or obsessive.

Rational: Practical, standoffish, or cold.

Stoic: Tight-lipped, cool-headed, or simple-minded.


Non-player characters may act in ways that reflect how they feel about the player. This can encompass anything from giving gifts to attacking on sight.


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