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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Dragonbane Achievement Guide

28 May 2018, Monday, 11:32:03

Dragonbane Achievement


Deal with two Dragon dilemmas



There are two dragons in Deadfire. One of them, Jadaferlas the Ancient, you will find in the Lair of the Ancient during “He Waits in Fire” stage of the main quest.


The other one, Scyorielaphas, you will find in the temple below the Watershaper’s Guild building during “The Shadow Under Neketaka” quest. This quest is given by Queen Onekaza II after you return from Hasongo. You will not be able to access the chamber with the dragon if you did not take this quest.


You do not have to kill the dragons to get this achievement. You can solve their problems in any way you chose.


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