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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Druid Guide

10 May 2018, Thursday, 6:14:34


Animists at heart, druids tap into the spiritual power that flows through the simple living things of Eora: plants, animals, and sometimes even living stone. While not necessarily religious, druids do have a reverence for the natural world and a keen interest in understanding its mysteries. In most cultures, druids are understood as a sort of primal magician, but among the Glanfathans, Naasitaqu, and many rural cultures, they may have high positions of influence and authority.

Major Role: Crowd Control
Minor Roles: Support, Striker
Resource: Nature Spells




Druid Subclasses



• Instead of an animal form, Furies spiritshift into a storm blight.

• Elemental druid spells gain increased range and Penetration.

• Killing an enemy while spiritshifted extends the duration of the shift.



• Cannot cast Rejuvenation spells.





• Druid Rejuvenation spells cast with increased Power Level.

• While spiritshifted, the druid’s power level bonus to Rejuvenation spells is greatly increased.



• Cannot cast creature summon spells.

• After spiritshift, the druid receives a significant penalty to the power level of their Rejuvenation spells, until combat ends.





• Druid can switch to any of the spiritshifting animals, once each, per combat.

• Spiritshift has a longer duration.

• After a spiritshift ends, the druid is healed a portion of their health.



• Cannot cast spells while in animal form.


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