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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Explorer Achievement Guide

28 May 2018, Monday, 11:53:26

Explorer Achievement


Name all of the Uncharted Islands.



You get an opportunity to name an uncharted island after you explore the locations on it. There are 12 uncharted islands in Deadfire – all of them marked on the map below. If you just follow “Mapping the Archipelago” questline given by Sanza (you will find him in Sanza’s Map Emporium in Queen’s Berth area of Nekateka) and you will find them all. The quest has five stages, which correspond to five major areas of the archipelago:


  • Mapping the Archipelago: Port Maje
  • Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara
  • Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef
  • Mapping the Archipelago: The Burning Shoals
  • Mapping the Archipelago: Razai Passage




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