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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Humans (“Folk”)

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 17:00:46

Humans (“Folk”)

Humans (commonly called “folk”) are the most common race in the Dyrwood, the Aedyr Empire, Old Vailia, and the Vailian Republics. Though not as large as the towering aumaua, humans are known for their strength and willpower. All folk have an indomitable spirit that rises to the challenge when things look grim. Whenever a folk is below Bloodied or Near Death, they gain a bonus to Accuracy and damage.

Attribute Bonuses: +1 Might, +1 Resolve



Meadow Folk

The meadow folk (or Thyrtan) came from an ancient civilization in the northern hemisphere and gradually migrated south into the equatorial jungles of Aedyr over several millennia. They are commonly found in Aedyr as well as Aedyr’s former colonial territories, Readceras and the Dyrwood.



Ocean Folk

Ocean folk (Calbandra) originated near the equator at the western edge of the Old Empires and have gradually spread south and east. Ocean folk are the dominant culture in Old Vailia, the Vailian Republics, and can be found in most other parts of the world due to the reach of the Vailian Trading Company.



Savannah Folk

Savannah folk (Natlan) come originally from just south of the equator, north of the Eastern Reach. They have largely remained in the same location for over ten thousand years. The name Natlan literally means “original.” While quite common in Ixamitl, Readeras, and other countries of the Eastern Reach, they are rare in the Old Empires and Deadfire Archipelago.


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