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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Injuries and Resting

10 May 2018, Thursday, 16:11:03

Injuries and Resting

Deadfire has made an important change to how the party’s damage model works. The system of Endurance and Health has been replaced by something a bit more elegant. The characters now take direct damage to their health, which can be replenished in combat with points or healing spells. However, when the health of a character reaches 0, that character will be knocked out and can either be resurrected or will wake up automatically if the party wins the fight. The characters knocked out during combat will receive one injury which comes with a set of stat penalties. Each character can take a maximum of three injuries, the fourth one leading to permanent death. In order to remove injuries, use food or drinks while resting or just simply rest at an inn.



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