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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Melee Weapons

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 6:13:21

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are for characters who engage their enemies face-to-face. Some examples are daggers, axes, rapiers, and quarterstaffs. They will often do different types of damage at varying speeds, either of which can be decisive factors when bringing them to bear in a fight.




Dagger: A broad-bladed short melee weapon. Bonus: Increased Accuracy. (Fast)

Sabre: Curved, single-edged mid-size sword. Bonus: Inflicts damage over time effect.

Great Sword: Broad-bladed two-handed sword. Bonus: Best of Slash/Pierce.

Hatchet: Small woodcutter-style axe. Bonus: Deflection bonus. (Fast)

Battle Axe: Mid-sized traditional “bearded”-style axe. Bonus: Increased Critical damage.

Pollaxe: Long pole weapon with axe blade and opposed hammer head. Bonus: Best of Slash/Crush.




Stiletto: Thin-bladed stabbing melee weapon. Bonus: Negates Damage Threshold. (Fast)

Sword: Single- or double-edged mid-sized straight sword. Bonus: Best of Slash/ Pierce.

Estoc: Narrow-bladed two-handed piercing sword. Bonus: Negates Damage Threshold.

Rapier: Narrow-bladed mid-sized stabbing weapon. Bonus: Increased Accuracy. (Fast)

Spear: Single-handed stabbing pole weapon. Bonus: Increased Accuracy. (Fast)

Pike: Two-handed stabbing pole weapon. Bonus: Increased Reach.




Club: Short cudgel, light enough to be fast. Bonus: Increased Accuracy. (Fast)

Mace: Mid-sized flange-headed crushing weapon. Bonus: Negates Damage Threshold.

Morning Star: Two-handed spiked head on a pole. Bonus: Higher Interrupt.

Flail: Short-handled ball-and-chain weapon. Bonus: Negates Deflection bonuses. (Fast)

War Hammer: Gothic-style hammer-and-spike mid-sized weapon. Bonus: Best of Pierce/Crush.

Quarterstaff: Two-handed wooden shaft weapon, swung like an axe. Bonus: Increased Reach.


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