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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Personality Reputations

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 6:43:08

Personality Reputations

The player’s overall behavior impacts how the world views them. There is no overt morality or judgment associated to these traits. In other words, a “good” character can get in as much trouble as a “bad” character depending on the type of person they engage with at any given time. Personalities are also not one- dimensional. A player known for their honesty might also develop a reputation of eerie stoicism.


Following each personality are a few examples of how the player might be judged:


Aggressive: Hot-headed, bold, or impatient.

Benevolent: Charitable, kind, soft, or weak.

Clever: Sarcastic, sassy, foppish, or irreverent.

Cruel: Merciless, sadistic, brutal, or imperious.

Deceptive: Dishonest, manipulative, or shrewd.

Diplomatic: Cautious, tame, or courteous.

Honest: Guileless, sincere, or straightforward.

Passionate: Zealous, romantic, or obsessive.

Rational: Practical, standoffish, or cold.

Stoic: Tight-lipped, cool-headed, or simple-minded.


Non-player characters may act in ways that reflect how they feel about the player. This can encompass anything from giving gifts to attacking on sight.


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