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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ranged Weapons

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 5:49:53

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons are intended for any character wishing to keep their distance from direct combat. They are separated into bows, crossbows, firearms, and implements. Bows and crossbows are the most common, featuring relatively fast reload speed and good damage. Firearms can inflict massive damage, but are inaccurate and take a long time to reload. Implements are the fastest attacking and feature flexible damage types, but do the least amount of damage.




Hunting Bow: Simple bow used by commoners for hunting. Bonus: Fast attack speed.

War Bow: Large, heavy-pull military-style longbow. Bonus: High damage.




Arbalest: Large, heavy-pull crossbow with a cranequin and stirrup for cocking. Bonus: Fast reload.

Crossbow: Mid-sized crossbow with “ordinary” cocking (no crank or stirrup). Bonus: High damage.




Arquebus: Two-handed matchlock smoothbore longarm. Bonus: High damage.

Blunderbuss: One-handed matchlock scattergun. Bonus: Fast reload, multiple projectiles.

Pistol: One-handed matchlock pistol. Bonus: Fast reload.




Rod: Larger than other implements, held in the middle, cylindrical. Bonus: Best of Pierce/Slash.

Sceptre: Ends in a prominent “head” (sphere, skull, gem, crown, etc.).

Bonus: Best of Slash/Crush.

Wand: Tapers to a point. Bonus: Best of Pierce/Crush.


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