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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Recovery time and Action Speed

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Recovery time and Action Speed

Recovery time is one of the most straightforward values in the combat system, but it’s still worth discussing it separately as it can often be underrated.


It represents the time where your character can’t act after an action is performed. A huge majority of the actions in the game trigger a recovery time, and all spells and weapons display what recovery time they trigger when performed. It is worth noting that recovery can occur while characters are on the move. Likewise, reloading (for the weapons that do require reloading) is separate from recovery time but works the same way. This means that you can cast a spell while your weapon is magically reloading by itself and then shoot with your weapon. This tip doesn’t work the other way around as you can’t shoot during recovery time, so you have to shoot first and then cast a spell.


Action Speed is the speed at which your character performs actions. This affects things such as Attack Speed or Cast Speed and Recovery Time, and Reload Speed. This makes action speed pretty potent overall as it gives more reactivity to your characters and improves their damage per second output overall.


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