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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ship Crew Members & Where to Find Them

12 May 2018, Saturday, 18:07:50

Ship Crew Members & Where to Find Them

While you can pay to recruit replacement crew members at any of the various city dockyards, plenty of shipmates can be found just by exploring the world.



Rum-Dumb Riggere

Location: Port Maje (Jail)
Role: Deckhand
Traits: Ocean folk, old Vailia, drunkard
You can pick up Rum-Dumb in the jail at Port Maje (after leaving the first area) by either paying his debt, picking the lock, or stealing the key.





Location: Oathbinder’s Sanctum
Role: Navigator
Traits: Wood elf, Aedyr, chatty, drunkard, helmsman
Oswald is currently on trial for a centuries-old crime inside the Oathbinder’s Sanctum (found on the island southwest of Neketaka). The Lost Dues in Good Faith quest given by Kahn in the Wild Mare takes you directly to Oswald.



Handsome Eliam

Location: Crookspur
Role: Helmsman
Traits: Death godlike, Dyrwood, enigmatic, loyal, cook
When you reach the slaver city Crookspur, you can either buy Handsome Eliam for 1,200 coins, or offer him a place on your crew after you kill all the slavers.



Mother Sharp-Rock

Location: Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk
Role: Deckhand
Traits: Xaurip, Deadfire Archipelago, religious, wilder, cook
Opening the cage at the northwest side of the Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk provides the option to recruit this xaurip to your crew. The Caverns can be found by sailing northwest of Port Maje, and you have to explore this area during the Mapping The Achiepelago quest line granted by Sanza in the Queen’s Berth.




Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)
Role: Helmsman
Traits: Ogre, Deadfire Archipelago, fearless, impulsive, wilder, cook
Head to the back room on the main floor of The Hole (the tavern at the east side of The Gullet in Neketaka), and talk to the ogre cook. For 400 coins she will join your crew. You can also pick up a pig pet in this same room.




Location: Tikiwara
Role: Cook
Traits: Mountain dwarf, Vailian Republic, chatty, loyal
After exploring the ancient ruins and completing the Storms of Poko Kahara quest, return to Tikiwara and talk to Vektor again to recruit him to your crew.




Location: Neketaka (The Brass Citadel)
Role: Cannoneer
Traits: Coastal amuana, impulsive, irreverent, helmsan, deckhand
After completing several quests, Emeini will eventually be found standing outside the Fleet Master’s Office in The Brass Citadel. She’s being punished after assaulting her captain, but if you have a reputation of 2 or higher with Neketaka, she will join your crew as a free expert cannoneer.



Worthless Idiot

Location: Neketaka (Periki’s Overlook)
Role: Navigator
Traits: Imp, greedy, primordial


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