Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ships


Soon after starting your adventure through the Deadfire you will receive your first ship, a sloop called The Defiant. Being the captain of your own ship requires a bit of management. Your ship will need a crew to properly navigate through the world. Throughout your travels in the Deadfire, you will have opportunities to obtain new ships as well as upgrades and customizations giving you great variety while sailing the open seas.




The crew members of your ship rely on food and drink to stay alive. Providing your crew with different rations will allow you to manage their morale. Spending money on better rations will keep your crew happier.


Different crew members will specialize in different jobs on the ship. One crew member may be a good cook, while another crew member may not be a proficient cook, but excels as a cannoneer and deckhand. The following are all of the positions that need to be filled on most ships:


• Boatswain

• Deckhand

• Cannoneer

• Navigator

• Cook

• Surgeon

• Navigator

• Helmsman


Using a crew member in a specific job for an extended period of time will cause that crew member to become more proficient at that job.




When sailing the Deadfire you may find yourself engaged in combat with a hostile ship. In combat, ships take alternating turns using the following actions:


• Full speed

• Half speed

• Hold position

• Turn to port

• Turn to starboard

• Prepare to jibe

• Fire port cannons

• Fire starboard cannons

• Report to… (This allows you to rearrange crew members)


Ship health is divided into hull and sail health. When Hull Health is depleted the ship sinks. When Sail Health is depleted the ship has fewer movement options.


Crew members can also be injured during ship combat which may require you to move crew members around the ship during combat. This is a great reason to use the previously mentioned “Report to…” option.


Ships also require ammunition. Making sure that you always have enough on your ship is essential to surviving at sea.


If at any point your ship gets within ramming distance of the enemy ship you will also receive the option to hit the enemy ship at “Ramming speed”. This will cause the enemy ship to take a large amount of damage. If the enemy ship survives this you will board the enemy ship. The game will then transition to “Deck to Deck Combat” mode.



Deck to Deck Combat

Deck to deck combat is similar to the traditional combat that you’re used to in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It takes place on the deck of your ship and the enemy ship that you’ve encountered. When defeating an enemy ship after boarding them you will gain more rewards than you would have had you sunk the ship.




Many upgrades can be purchased and acquired for your ship. Cannons, sails, hulls, and other upgrades can affect how your ship performs in combat and on the world map. Many of these upgrades will affect how your ship looks when on the deck of the ship.


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