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Pirates of the Polygon Sea – Miscellaneous Tips

2 December 2018, Sunday, 3:05:03

Miscellaneous Tips

– Always keep your Fort upgraded and build plenty of Warehouses to keep all of your resources.



– Fort upgrades also up your maximum building limit with a peak of 32 buildings. This is helpful with building enough houses to upgrade buildings and colonised islands.



– Upgrading resource gatherers and islands is important as it adds to the number of resources you generate.



– Try to sink as little as possible with higher level ships as they cost a ton of money to replace, with top tier ships costing 16,000 gold. This can hit your wallet pretty hard and you should run from any enemies you’re having trouble with.



– Remember, even if you die, you can always retrieve the barrel of cargo you dropped wherever you died, so you can at least salvage that.



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