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PixARK – Crafting a Magic Sleepy Arrow

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Crafting a Magic Sleepy Arrow

551FCAEC 5CC3 449A AE07 0298970715E4 It causes the target to fall asleep. The better your weapon, the stronger the sleep effect. Only effective against magic creatures. Does not affect normal creatures or bosses. The Sleepy Arrow is unlockable upon reaching level 20 and costs 8 engram points.


Equip a bow in your hot bar by dragging it from your inventory to a slot on your hot bar, then drag the magic sleepy arrows onto the bow located in your hot bar. Hold left click to draw the bow and arrow back, release left click to lose the arrow into an aggressive magical creature. After repeating this process a few times (depending on the creature’s level, etc.), the creature will become “unconscious” and tamable.


To cancel drawing the bow and arrow back, switch weapons with the scroll wheel, numbers, or other customized options.



Total Base Ingredients

Requires stone arrow, magic berry, mageweave bark, and wind magic stone—Craftable in your inventory.


  • 1 × Wood


  • 1 × Flint


  • 1 × Wind Magic Stone


  • 1 × Mageweave Bark


  • 1 × Magic Berry


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