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PixARK – How to Tame and Fly the Pteranodon

4 June 2018, Monday, 16:49:42

How to Tame and Fly the Pteranodon

Flying is awesome! And flying in PixARK is no exception! But how do you actually capture, tame and fly in the game? We’ll cover how to do that with the Pteranodon!



⚫ Get your flint, wood, narcoberries for arrows.
⚫ Craft your stone, and sleepy arrows.
⚫ Don’t forget meat, and your bow!
⚫ Shoot with your sleepy arrow!
⚫ Access the sleeping dino, give meat and narcoberries.
⚫ Watch and wait!
⚫ And you’re the proud owner of a cute dino!
⚫ Unlock the Saddle Engram lvl 20.
⚫ Craft with leather and wood.
⚫ Equip in saddle spot!
⚫ Start the ride, and fly the friendly skies!


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