PixARK – Server Configuration Guide

Server Configuration 

In this guide we define the options on configuration and some basic commandline parameters.

Note: Read this guide before to make server configuration: https://www.en.magicgameworld.com/pixark-dedicated-server-setup-guide/

The best method for a self-hosted solution is to use the provided .batch file. Inside pixarkserver\ folder where you downloaded the game files, create a bat file e.g. start.bat

Inside the .bat file enter in this:

start “” /NORMAL “C:\pixarkserver\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\PixARKServer.exe” “CubeWorld_Light?listen?MaxPlayers=10?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?RCONPort=27017?SessionName=MYSERVERNAME?ServerAdminPassword=YOURADMINPASSWORD” -NoBattlEye -nosteamclient -game -server -log

Change parameters as required e.g. change max players to max players desired.

Change sessionname to the name of your server.

Change admin password for admin\rcon purposes.

You can also set this in the configuration file, see below:



How do i set my server name?

Go into: GameUserSettings.ini file

Add the following, you can change “My Server” to anything you want e.g. Garrys server




Setting Password

There are several other options you can set in GameUserSettings.ini, these are:


The Serverpassword is the password required to join your server, the Port and Queryport can be used to set alternative specific ports, useful if running multiple servers.



How do i set players for my servers?

Go into: GameUserSettings.ini and add the following:


Change 70 to desired max player count you want.


PixARK Server Admin Commands


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