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PixARK – Speed Leveling Guide

14 April 2018, Saturday, 20:31:32

Speed Leveling Guide

-As soon as you start, grab everything you can from the ground (Berries and Bushes) and hit the lower part of a tree with your fist. Craft a Wooden Tools in your inventory, then kill all Big-Ear Rabbits and Dodos with the Tools.


-As soon as you hit level 6 unlock the Spear and craft one now also kill Phiomia (hit their head and walk backwards) and maybe some Dilophosaurus and Pachys.


-Craft stone tools as soon as you can.


-When you hit level 15, craft a Bow and Stone Arrows (you need Wood and Flint for the arrows). It can usually kill Pachy in one shot to the head.


-When you hit level 20, tame a Pteranodon and use it to find a Magic Forest and kill 1-2 Gem Spiders. Harvest all their gems, gather some Magic Berries, and cut some trees with a hatchet for Mageweave Bark. Use these materials to craft Magic Sleepy Arrows to tame a Gargoyle, using Raw Thigh Meat for fastest results. Still kill whatever you can kill with the Gargoyle, to gain fast experience points.


-If you found a Saddle Griffin or Ghost Dragon, tame the Creature even a level 20 will be much stronger than your Gargoyle.


-As soon as you hit Level 60 Learn the Griffin Saddle and Craft one.


-Keep killing the Ice Castles as often as you can. They give a really good amount of EXP.


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