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PixARK – Taming Magic Creatures

3 April 2018, Tuesday, 16:18:56

Taming Magic Creatures

Taming magic creatures requires magic sleepy arrows. These can be crafted using the following resources:

1 x Stone Arrow
1 x Magic Berry
1 x Mageweave Bark
1 x Wind Magic Stone


These arrows can be fired from arrow turrets, the bow and crossbow.
Make sure you scan creatures to find out if they are considered magical because if you shoot normal sleepy arrows you will damage the creature and eventually kill them.



Small Early Game Tip

As soon as you can craft magic sleepy arrows go out there and farm around 20 of them and trap a specter wolf. Proceed to shoot it with the sleepy arrows and feed it meat once it’s unconscious.

Once tamed you are able to ride it without needing a saddle. This wolf is an absolute monster when it comes to dealing with early game creatures and allows you to ride a powerful creature without any real level restrictions besides the level needed to craft magic sleepy arrows.


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