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Pizza Connection 3 – Tips & Tricks

8 April 2018, Sunday, 23:45:23

Tips & Tricks

-Be mindful of your area of influence when choose shop spots. Subway hubs or high traffic venues are best.



-Pizza carts are your best friend. Find a good school or Mall and put it infront of it with pizza directly made for that style of customer. Can easily make 4-5k profit a day.



-Mascots are very helpful to fill in dead zones in your day. Choose a timeframe you do not see much business and set him to that time infront of a high traffic area… of that time.


-Runners can use subway hubs to get to and from warhouses, drastically cutting down on run times. If you have a place right beside a hub and there is a warhouse even across the city but has a hub next to it, that is still a very good place to link to your restaurant.



-A number one way to make money are low cost pizzas set to higher prices. Customers do not care if the pizza costs YOU 2 bucks to make but you sell it for 15 bucks.



-When making pizzas for a certain demographic make sure you pay very close attention to your little ? icon. That is your cheat sheet to what people like.



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