Medication and boosters

Unlike other games, Battlegrounds has a pretty unique medication system, You can only heal up to 75% of your maximum HP bar then most medication items will no longer work, we’ll discuss how boosters come into play to filling that final 15% as well as the perks of boosters.




Bandages are a small HP recovery item to help tide you over, unlike over BR games Battlegrounds does not have a bleed mechanic, so you don’t have to worry about carrying bandages too much, but it’s still nice to keep some for topping your HP up at any given time.



First Aid Kits


The First Aid kits will become your best friend in the Battleground, this kit heals you immediately to 75% and they’re not too uncommon to find as well, meaning you can stack these guys and prepare for a lengthy battle.



Med Kits


Med Kits are the best healing item in the game, instantly medding you to 100% hp.
Nothing more to say here, they’re pretty hard to come by but you can stack them if you find multiple!



Energy Drinks


The energy drink heal you above that 75% mark, but it’s worth using multiple for reasons I will explain in the next section.
The Energy drink will boost your boost bar by 40, providing you with a small heal over time.





Painkillers will also heal you above the 75% mark, and are slightly more powerful than the Energy Drink.
Painkillers will boost your boost bar by 60, providing you with a slightly bigger heal over time than the Energy drink.




Can only be found in airdrops.
Taking an Adrenaline shot will instantly fill your boost bar to 100%, ensuring you get the boost buffs instantly for the longest possible time.



Understanding the boost bar
When you use boosters (Energy Drinks and Painkillers) you will be greeted by a bar in the bottom middle of your screen.


This bar is split into thirds and comes with 2 buffs.
The first buff is that during the whole time the bar is on your screen you will gain health over time helping you keep on top of your game even mid combat.

The second buff is a speed boost, all those pills and energy drinks will make you so hyper your character will gain a good speed buff.

You can see these if these buffs are working by noticing the two buff icons located just above the boost bar on the right side.


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