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29 March 2017, Wednesday, 17:46:42


A shotgun is a powerful firearm where is suited for close quarters and which effectiveness diminishes in distance (as the bullets disperse into a wider area).

The shotguns, unlike other firearms, does not have a predefined path and instead, they will be unpredictable (since a shotgun is generally a smoothbore firearm, which means that the inside of the barrel is not rifled). The advantage of the shotgun, however, is that they can hit multiple targets at close quarters. Usually, shotguns are feeded with shotgun shells, which contains various spherical pellets, creating the effect of dispersion in every shot.






The S1897 is a 12 Gauge Pump-action shotgun, the damages shotguns cause make them ideal house sweepers, in the typical indoor combat situation you can simply dispatch a fellow player in one swell shot.
The great thing about shotguns in PUBG is you can equip them with chokes, giving them more range and accuracy. The shotgun can actually be used at mid range.

Ammo type: 12 Gauge
Shell capacity: 5 shells.
Rarity: Common
Attachments this weapon can be equipped with:
Choke for S1897, S686
Bullet Loops (Shotgun)






The S686 is an under-over barrel shotgun, meaning players will only get two shots between each reload, the S686 sacrifices ammo capacity for better range and accuracy.

Ammo type: 12 Gauge
Shell capacity: 2 shells.
Rarity: Common
Attachments this weapon can be equipped with:
Choke for S1897, S686
Bullet Loops (Shotgun)




The S12K is a semi automatic shotgun capable of unleashing pure hell to anyone unfortunate enough to be infront of you.
The quick fire rate of the S12K makes it an ideal weapon for destroying doors prior to raiding a building.

Ammo type: 12 Gauge
Magazine capacity: 5 shells.
Extended magazine capacity: 8 shells.
Rarity: Uncommon
Attachments this weapon can be equipped with:
Extended Mag (AR, S12K)
QuickDraw Mag (AR, S12K)
Ext. QuickDraw Mag (AR, S12K)
Suppressor (AR, S12K)
Compensator (AR, S12K)
Flash Hider (AR, S12K)
Red Dot Sight
Holographic Sight
4x Scope
8x Scope
15x Scope

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