Vests are possibly one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game.
Functioning similar to a backpack, they improve your carrying capacity however sacrifice some of that capacity for armor to help your chances of survival on the battleground.


Police Vest level 1


The Police Vest lvl 1 is pretty hard to miss in most areas, it’s bright grey and can stick out like a sore thumb, though on the flip side that colour helps a lot for blending in on rocky surfaces.
The Police Vest lvl 1 comes with +50 carrying Capacity and 200 armor.



Police Vest level 2


The Police Vest lvl 2, unlike it’s downgrade can be pretty hard to spot in some darker areas around the map.
The lvl 2 vest provides not only a small armor buff but the colour black really does help you blend in, for some it’s a fashion statement to match their black longcoats.
The Police Vest lvl 2 also comes with +50 capacity but offers and additonal 20 armor points.



Military Vest level 3


Don’t be confused by the name, the Military Vest lvl 3 is the upgrade to the Police Vest lvl 2.
I’d like to stress that currently there is no Police Vest Lvl 3 or Military Vest lvl 1/2
This vest will make you look beefy, make you look ready to take on the world and it will also provide you with a small amount of comfert knowing you can tank a lot more damage than your friends.
The Military Vest lvl 3 also comes with +50 capacity though offers a whopping 250 armor points.



Helmets are a no-brainer in this game. You either wear one or you risk losing your head in one shot.
Unlike in other Battle Royale games you cannot carry spare helmets around with you, so make them count!



Helmet level 1


Looks goofy but gets the job done.
This will protect you from weak bullets but ultimately you should look for a higher level asap.
The lvl 1 helm provides you with 80 armor protection.



Helmet level 2


Personally, I feel that you should make it your goal to look for a level 2 helmet just as much as you would a weapon when spawning, this helmet not only offers greater protection but also looks cool.
The lvl 2 helm provides you with 150 armor points.



Helmet level 3


Who said the head is a weakspot?
The level 3 helmet is the ultimate headshot block tool in the game, this beast can stop those pesky SKS and KAR98K 1 shot headshots that the previous two couldn’t, however be cautious around AWMs, they are the only weapon in the game at this point that can one kill you with this helmet equipped.


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