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Pokémon GO: Someone Has Caught Them All Pokémons


It might have taken Ash Ketchum 19 years and 930 episodes to catch 80 Pokémon types, but one Pokémon Go player was able to catch all of the game’s 142 Pokémon types in less than 2 weeks.


Last Thursday Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson (Reddit: ftb_hoddor) became the first Pokémon Go player to catch all the 142 uniques Pokémon available in the US.


In order to achieve this feat, Johnson had to walk more than 10 Km each day, use his girlfriend’s phone as a secondary Pokémon radar, hire an Uber driver to drive in circles while looking for one of his last Pokémon and cooperate with strangers to locate rare Pokémon.




Johnson’s rooster is 8 Pokémon short of the game’s full lineup of 150 Pokémon types, but there is nothing he can do about it as 5 Pokemon aren’t in game yet and 3 are region locked and not available in US.


The game’s most recent update has made Johnson’s achievement more difficult to repeat as Nintendo nerfed 10K Eggs hatch rate, making it much harder to breed rare Pokémon. While Johnson was able to hatch 10~15 10K Eggs from his first 200 in-game eggs, he only got 1 10K Egg after updating the game.


Johnson has shared his tips and tricks in an interview with Business Insider.


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