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Getting Free PM Tickets

Log in to Pokemon Quest every day. Yep, Pokemon Quest literally gives away some PM Tickets to each player daily. Simply go to the Poke Mart and tap on the ‘Member Service’ tab. If available, the ‘Receive PM Tickets’ button will be available to use and you simply tap it to get your freebies.



Finish your quests. It only makes sense that quests would be important in a game called Pokemon Quest, right? You can find them in the … wait for it … ‘Quests’ tab in the bottom nav bar, the icon that looks like a present. There are two types of quests, Main and Challenge, each with their own tab. Main Quests tend to be things you are accomplishing for the first time, while Challenge Quests reward you for cumulative achievements like rounding up a number of Pokemon of the same type, cooking often and training your Pokemon for greater strength or to learn new moves. In any case, you can tap on any quest to see what kind of reward it will yield upon completion. For our purposes, we’re looking for the ones that pay out in PM Tickets, which look like a blocky Poke Ball on a yellow square. Though the quest rewards can be as few as 5 PM Tickets, they definitely add up over time, and even if you don’t track them closely, you’ll often find that you are knocking out Challenge Quests just by playing Pokemon Quest on a regular basis.


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