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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Handcuffing


Arresting a person is done by handcuffing them and calling a backup arrest transport. The Arrest encounter is one of three possible police-citizen encounters.


  • Consensual encounter


  • Investigative detention


  • Arrest


An officer may arrest somebody only after lawfully establishing probable cause that a person committed a crime (misdemeanor or felony). Unlike some other states, the laws of the state Franklin does not have different arrest protocols of misdemeanors (minor crimes) and felonies (major crimes). This means that officers are authorized to arrest suspects with probable cause in all cases even if they did not witness the crime with their own eyes.


In an arresting encounter, suspects are not allowed to leave and the officer is advised to search their bodies and cars. However, arrested citizens are allowed to – and will – leave a street and walk onto a sidewalk.


Initiating an arrest by handcuffing is justified when the suspect:


  • Carries illegal items, for example, a switchblade illegally carried gun or drugs.


  • Is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • Has a fake ID.


  • Has no valid driver’s license.


  • Drove a  stolen car.


  • Is a wanted suspect.


  • Flights from the officer when being frisked, searched, or detained.




The following hints might come in handy during your next arrest encounter:


  • Officers do not need to detain a person before arresting them.


  • Searching for a rightfully arrested person and their car is always allowed.


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