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Post Scriptum – Tips & Tricks

8 August 2018, Wednesday, 8:18:39

Tips & Tricks

Buy a Microphone and Use It

You want to play a tactical simulation game, and you don’t have a microphone? What’s wrong with you? In all seriousness, Post Scriptum, much like SQUAD, might as well make having a mic plugged in a prerequisite for the game launching. Everything is done on comms from the commanding level down to the squad and local level.



Spawn In, Spawn Out

Post Scriptum operates with a system not unlike World War Two Online, in that troops may only spawn from forward operating bases (FOBs) or truck-based mobile spawn points (MSPs). There’s no “spawn on squad” in this game, or even the rally system deployed in SQUAD. You’ll have to get used to hiking across the countryside for a few minutes before you get into action.



Since these points are so precious, try not to run in a direct line from them to your objective. Canny enemy soldiers will track your path and follow it back to your spawn point. If an enemy soldier gets close to an MSP, it stops working, depriving your side of valuable reinforcements.


MSPs and FOBs are set up by a four-man logistics squad. If they’re around when you spawn in, be sure to thank them for their hard work – they spend most of the game driving trucks around the map for you.



Use Your Tools, Your Eyes and Your Ears

Every kit in Post Scriptum comes with a number of useful secondary tools. Too often do soldiers neglect what’s at their disposal. Every combatant comes with a set of smoke grenades, perfect for covering that final approach to a hamlet or fogging up the vision of an entrenched MG42 gunner. Riflemen can deploy sandbag barricades to give comrades some extra cover, while medics can, aside from providing heals and revives, use their binoculars to call targets to their SLs.


Post Scriptum features a tonne of realistic sounds and recreated models, to bring the battlefields of Operation Market Garden to life. Spend some time playing as both the Allies and the Axis to learn the sounds and sights of both. Being able to tell the staccato sound of the British Bren gun from the buzz of an MG42 could mean life or death when you’re running from cover to cover. Was that rifle snap a Lee Enfield or a Karabiner 98k? Knowing the difference could allow you to get the drop on an enemy who thought he had slipped past your comrades undetected.




Don’t be afraid to try out other support roles. If there’s a slot free for an AT gunner then go ahead and jump in, but let your SL know you’re a newbie at it. You never know, he might give you some tips.


When you’re starting to get to grips with things, remember to jump into the armoured sections or the logistics crew. The vets there will be happy to have someone new (especially in logistics) and will readily tell you everything they know to help get you up to speed.



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