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Power & Revolution 2019 Edition – Parliament and Laws

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Parliament and Laws


When a law is presented to parliament, the different political groups position themselves as a function of several elements, such as: Alignment by group with respect to the law, the importance of the law, the alignment of the different members of the group with the Head of State, and the alignment of the group with the relevant ministry. To calculate the final result of the vote, the result of each of the groups is weighed as a function of their representation in parliament. When you cancel a bill, the people will remember your proposition and will punish you if they don’t agree with it. In the same way, a project that has been refused by parliament is a snub for the Head of State , who will always lose some popularity points in the affair.



Means of Action

There are many ways to influence a vote in Parliament.

● Incentive: During a meeting, you can ask a parliamentarian to encourage the passage of a law, which will allow you to know how the parliamentarian intends to vote. If the parliamentarian accepts your proposition, it will increase the yes vote of the political group that he or she belongs to, as a function of his or her influence on the group. A party head has five times more influence
on the members of his or her group than a regular member.


● Change in alignment: The alignments of parliamentarians with the Head of State have an impact on the voting configuration. For example, you can try to change their opinion by flattering them during the meeting. Of course, the result depends on their own character, which can be evaluated through the secret service.


● Blackmail: If you are aware of scandals concerning a parliamentarian thanks to your secret service, you can try to blackmail him or her by not exposing the scandal in exchange for his or her vote in favor of the law.


● Corruption: You can also always try to propose bribes to a parliamentarian. This has to be done carefully, as any corruption attempt can turn against you if the parliamentarian is honest. It is strongly advised to hold a preliminary consultation with the secret service to be better informed of the parliamentarian’s personality.


● The ministry: The personality of the ministry has an impact on the result of the vote. By changing ministries, notably that with a political leaning that is different from that of the player, the result of the vote can be changed and can sometimes be enough to swing the vote.


● Laws with several stages: Sometimes it is possible to pass quantified laws (a tax for example) in several stages in order to obtain an objective—which would otherwise be refused by parliament if it were presented in one go.



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