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Predator Hunting Grounds Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC & PS4

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Achievements And Trophies

The following are all the achievements and trophies in Predator Hunting Grounds and how you can unlock them:



Trophy/AchievementHow To Unlock

Ultimate Hunter – Unlock all other trophies/achievements in Predator: Hunting Grounds


Ancient – As the Predator, claim 1,000 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)


Mission Accomplished – As a Fireteam member, complete 100 missions with successful Exfils


Splash Damage – Kill 5 AI with a single explosion


Trophy Taker – As the Predator, gather a total of 100 full trophies from Fireteam bodies (Long Claims)


Headhunter – As a Fireteam member, get 1,000 headshots on AI enemies


Elite – As the Predator, claim 500Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)


Guarded To Perfection – Successfully secure 25 Predator bodies for the OWLF


Mercenary – Play 100 quick play matches as a Fireteam member


Ankle Buster – As the Predator, trap 50 fireteam members in bear traps


Experienced Hunter – Play 50 matches as the Predator


Predkour Master – As the Predator, travel a total of 100km in the trees


Elite Mercenary – Reach player level 25


Hunting Grounds Master – Reach player level 100


Distinguished Hunter – Reach player level 50


So Close, Yet So Far… – As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam while they are waiting for the exfiltration chopper


Pruning – As a Fireteam member, shoot down 100 tree cover branches


Two Birds, One Stone – As the Predator hit more than 1 Fireteam in a single smart disc throw


One Ugly Mother – As a Fireteam member, knock off the Predator’s helmet


Early Bird – As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam before they complete their main mission


Against All Odds – As the Predator, have your mask destroyed by the Fireteam but still kill them all


Practice Makes Perfect – As the Predator, kill 500 AI soldiers


Clutch – As a Fireteam member, reinforce your entire team back into the match


Last Man Standing – As a Fireteam member, escape as the sole survivor


Boom – Destroy 250 explosive barrels


Destroyer – As a Fireteam member, take down a PMC heavy soldier by yourself


30-50 Feral Hogs – Kill 50 wild boars


The Archives – As a Fireteam member, find an OWLF tape


Salt in the Wound – As the Predator, perform a finisher on a wounded Fireteam member


Learning the Ropes – Complete the tutorial level


Precision – As the Predator hit a Fireteam member with a combistick throw over 100m


Blaine’s Revenge – As a Fireteam member, unleash Mini Gun mayhem until completely depleting ammunition


Wrap Artist – As a Predator, trap 50 Fireteam members with the Net Gun


Safety Net – As a Fireteam member, free a teammate from a Predator’s net


That Was Close… – As a Fireteam member, successfully defuse a dead Predator’s self destruct mechanism


GET TO THE CHOPPA! – As a Fireteam member, successfully Exfil with the entire team alive after completing a mission


Vulnerable – As the Predator, knock down a Fireteam member while your energy is overloaded


Precision Leaper – As the Predator, leap and hit all 4 Fireteam members with a single leap attack


Savior – As a Fireteam member, Revive teammates 100 times


Mud Aficionado – As a Fireteam member, cover yourself in mud 50 times


Traditionalist – As the Predator, kill an entire Fireteam with just with wrist blades


If It Bleeds… – Wound a Predator so it leaves a green blood trail


Sneaky Medic – As the Predator, heal yourself when the Fireteam is within 50m of you


Blooded – As the Predator, claim 100 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)


We Can Kill It… – As a Fireteam member, work with your team to kill a Predator


Leave No Trace – As the Predator, Successfully Arm and Detonate your self destruct mechanism


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