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About Resources and Items
1. Amassing huge amounts of items in a corner then throwing a Recycler Charge at it, will NOT result in a big pile of resources as you expect, as most objects like tables, chairs, lamps and so on will yield a very SMALL amount of resources even if a great quantity is recycled.

2. The best things you can throw a Recycler Charge at are: Mechanical Enemies, they will yield good amounts of Metallic Materials which is always needed and the hardest to get. Turrets, same as mech. enemies, will yield good amounts of resources. Normal Enemies, do it only if you must, but decent.

3. Always try to find Operator Terminals around the map, activate them, spawn Operators, they will each help you for free and for unlimited times when talked to. Medical will restore all Health, Engineering restore all Armor, Scientific restore all Psi. Also, Tag the operators once you are able to do so with a certain device, so you will know where they are, as they will roam the map.

4. You can always download a Area Map at the Security Station near you. It will reveal the whole map, but not explore it.

5. You can track the position of any member of Talos I Station from any Security Station. Only one at a time can be tracked. Useful for certain missions.

6. Always be stocked with Bullets if your build is not Melee, if you are low on em, they have priority above anything else at the crafting station, because if you get stuck with no bullets and no materials to make them, you will be in serious, deep trouble.

7. Never craft Grenades of any type, you will find tons around, and you will not use them as much.

8. Never craft Medkits and Psi-Hypos, do so only in extreme cases, you will generally find more than enough around aswell.

9. Never, ever craft Turrets, as said before, they are useless except in very early game when your weapons and skills are minimal.

10. 90% of all doors and safes with Hacking Security of 3 and above have a code or an alternative way in around somewhere, you just have to find it. Always check every computer, cabined, crate, drawer, sticky note, clipboard lying around. Listen to ALL the audio logs and read all the stuff you find, the codes might be there.

11. Always repair, if possible, any crafting machinery you find broken, having many lying around is good.

12. To get extra resources, summon all the Operators from a terminal, kill them then throw a grenade at the carcasses, it will result in good amount of Synthetic and Metallic materials. Keep one inside the terminal if you need it later for services.

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