Prey About Weapons and Combat


About Weapons and Combat
1. The Shotgun is the weapon with the most efficent damage to ammo consumed ratio. This means it gives you the best damage output per shot fired.

2. An enemy stunned by the Electrical Stun Gun will stay stunned even if attacked by weapons or powers, for all the duration of the Stun as stated in the Stun Gun statistics.

3. The Shotgun’s damage is not calculated per-pellet but is instead Area Of Effect, this means that if you do not hit an enemy with the entire pellets salvo, it will still deliver the full weapon damage.

4. All the projectile based weapons have a damage reduction based on the distance the projectile has traveled, this means, generally, that farther the enemy is, less damage you will deliver. It is a very good idea to get close and personal.

5. The Pistol is the weapon with the highest DPS in the game, as its shots can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, resulting in entire 20-30 shots (with upgrades obv.) magazines going out in seconds and a lot of critical hit chances. It is the closest thing to a machinegun you will get.

6. The best weapon against any mechanical opponent is the Stun Gun, as it will deliver very high damage to electronics and also disable the enemy temporarily.

7. Disabling an enemy’s Psychic Powers with Mindshock is always a very good idea before getting closer to hit it with weapons.

8. Turrets are viable only against the weakest enemies, against all the other enemies they are pretty useless, generally do not waste your resources and time to repair and position them. Working ones may be good as decoys.

9. Against multiple dangerous opponents, use Combat Focus to slow down time after casting eventual other Powers, and get a significant advantage in an otherwise very disvantaging fight. Also, psi power-suppression grenades are useful against groups.

10. Do not underestimate your Wrench, it has a chance of knocking any non-huge enemy off their feet with each hit, rendering them helpless for some seconds, plus it does not require ammo.

11. The Recylcer Charges can be used offensively like proper grenades, if enemies are hit very close to the center of a Recycler Explosion, it will deliver massive amounts of damage, probably instantly killing them.

12. Starting a fight with a Stealth Critical Hit is a good way to get an advantage from the first moment, always try to land one if possible. Invest a minimum in Stealth related skills.

13. Explosive Containers deliver great damage an will explode when thrown towards an enemy. They are a cheap and decent way to deal with enemies without wasting ammo.

14. Almost anything not bolted can be thrown, if you have at least one level in lifting-related abilities (Leverage), throwing heavy objects to weaker enemies is effective to kill them without using ammo, or use less in any case. Bigger object equals bigger damage.

15. Enemies will not be able to harm you if you lock yourself inside a Security Post, as it has Shields on all windows and cannot be entered if manually locked. Good for recovering.

16. Invest in Gunsmith skill, and upgrade your weapons at any occasion. If you have good amounts of resources, craft Upgrade Kits and use them as often as you can. Upgraded weapons make a big difference.

17. Ammassing Explosive Canisters and then using a Lure Grenade on the stack will get any enemy in a considerable radius to get there, ready to be blown to kingdom come with a single shot.

18. You will encounter a very big enemy at a certain point, it will trigger a certain recurring event. Do not fight against him, if you escape for enough time by getting to a safe place, it will go away. Killing it is possible but is a massive waste of ammo for what you will get.

19. Use your wrench to deal with weaker enemies.

20. Throw objects of any size to trigger Cystoid Nests (kamikaze Typhons) and make them explode harmlessly against the object, as they will chase it and explode near it. This may require multiple attempts but always works.

21. Whenever possible use the environment to save ammo. Shooting gas conduits will get flames out of the bullet hole, shooting oil or black goo on the ground will set it ablaze, shooting eletrical junctions will cause lightnings to strike anything close to them. All these things will generally cause good damage to most enemies.

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