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Prey Item Duplication Cheat

6 May 2017, Saturday, 3:41:53


Item Duplication Glitch

This guide will show you how to get more items from the fabricator for the cost of 1 and it will also show you how to dup your matter.




The Macro
For this you will want to go onto your mouse software (mine is Razer Synapse) then go to the macro tab and then select “New Macro” and “No Delay” from there you will want to press your f key once then stop recording the macro. From there you will want to assign that macro to any key.




Final step
The final part is to go the fabricator and activate the macro on whatever item you want (i chose Neuromod) then from there walk over to the item and pick it up while keeping the macro on and then it will give you 1-3 of itself.


EDA2A701-D940-4C6E-AA4C-56CE6ABC5AAC-4730-000004AE33B4AEAC 3881E310-B924-4BED-B9D1-7BD7B772C07C-4730-000004AE36D99039 3F21B883-94BD-4618-9711-3C15AEA53455-4730-000004AE3BC85542

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